annasta Woocommerce Product Filters

Instantly improve your Woocommerce shop appeal with the help of annasta Woocommerce Product Filters plugin!

Basic features of the free version

Enjoy the unprecedented choice of free filters and features in the basic version of plugin

Easy filter creation

create Woocommerce products filters, with the freedom of creating AJAX product filters and Woocommerce products shortcode filters, for product attributes, product categories, tags, brands, or any custom product taxonomy

Create URL and AJAX product filters for Woocommerce shop with annasta Woocommerce Product Filters WordPress plugin

Products price filter

Woocommerce price filter with range slider and custom ranges list support

Products price filter with support for the range slider control and radio button list of price ranges in the free edition of the annasta Woocommerce Product Filters plugin

Additional filters

Products Availability filter (with in stock filter / out of stock filter/ Woocommerce backordered products filter support), Woocommerce Products Rating filter, Woocommerce Featured Products filter, Woocommerce On Sale Products filter

In stock / Out of stock / backordered products / products rating / featured products / On sale filters are available in the free version of the annasta Woocommerce product filters WordPress plugin

Products Search box

provides support for the built-in Woocommerce products search engine

annasta Woocommerce Product Filters WordPress plugin offers the built-in Woocommerce products search engine support

Products per page control

give your customers the flexibility of displaying as many products per page as they need

Products Per Page control is available in the free version of the annasta Woocommerce Product Filters WordPress plugin

Rich filters style customization options

simple radio buttons and checkboxes, customizable filter icons, color boxes for the Woocommerce color filters, tags, labels, range sliders, and more!

Style options of the annasta Woocommerce Product Filters plugin

Dynamic product counts

for all the attributes, built-in and custom taxonomy filters

Dynamic product counts in the free edition of the annasta Woocommerce Product Filters

Active filter badges

choose where you wish to display the enabled filters with clear filter buttons

Active filters badges and Clear Filters buttons of the annasta Woocommerce Product Filters WordPress plugin

Hierarchical filters collapse

collapse option for the hierarchical taxonomies

Hierarchical filters collapse option of the annasta Woocommerce Product Filters plugin

Easy filters placement

use the annasta Filters widget or a dedicated shortcode

annasta Filters placement into the WordPress site pages

Other features of the annasta Filters plugin

  • Choose the needed Filtering style for each preset from the following options:
    • Woocommerce AJAX filters with instant submission will reload only the product list part of the Woocommerce shop page on each filter application
    • Button-triggered AJAX products filters will load the filtered products list at a push of a “Filter” button
    • Url filters will create distinguished links to any filtered result
    • Form filters preset will act as a simple HTML form element submitted by a push of a button
    • Step by step style will create a Woocommerce products finder out of your filters preset, with redirect support and other useful options
  • Display pages restriction: set the filters preset to display only on the shop page, specific category pages, or any other pages of your choice. In combination with multiple presets support (available in the premium version of the plugin), it will let you create different filter sets for different categories, brands, tags etc
  • Filter the Woocommerce products shortcode: use annasta Filters in product lists created with the help of the Woocommerce [products] shortcode
  • Woocommerce products meta data filters
  • SEO support includes page (HTML document), shop (H1 tag of the shop page) titles and meta description tags dynamic generation using the lists of currently active filters.

Additional functionality of the premium version

To support the development of this plugin, and / or expand the growing demands of your shop, you can purchase the premium version, which will allow you to enjoy a wider selection of features and even better customization flexibility. The additional features provided by the premium version include:

  • Multiple filter presets support will give you the power to:
    • Customize our Woocommerce product filters by category / tag / brand / etc: create presets with different filter combinations for different pages!
    • Place multiple synchronized presets on the same pages, mix ajax filters and url filters, create custom ajax filters for Woocommerce products category, and use it in combination with a different site-wide annasta Filters preset.
  • Range filters for the numeric Woocommerce product taxonomies such as sizes, years, diameters etc, with range sliders and lists of ranges support
  • Range sliders for non-numeric product taxonomies (including attributes), such as XS-S-M-L-XL sizes
  • Custom icons and labels support for each filter term
  • Image filters
  • Range slider and Stars style for the Products Rating Filter
  • Filter collapse support
  • Dropdown filters with single-select radios, multi-select checkboxes, and custom icons and labels support
  • Hide empty filter items (with zero product count)
  • Filters acting as reset buttons will clear all the rest of the filters
  • Enjoy the flexibility of the advanced SEO options: choose which filters to include in the auto-generated titles, customize their order, add prefix / postfix etc
  • Take control over the “Clear All Filters” button and decide which filters it will reset
  • Setup the active filter badges that you do not wish to be displayed
  • Display an active filters badges collector to the top of the products list
  • Set the default products per page for your shop pages
  • Customize the product columns count in your products lists
  • Change the URL parameter names for your filters