annasta Woocommerce Product Filters

Enhance your WooCommerce shop with a set of annasta product filters, to enjoy the rich choice of customization options and features! Our WooCommerce filters work in AJAX, URL, or button-submitted modes on the following types of pages:

  • WooCommerce shop page
  • WooCommerce category, tag, or attributes’ archives
  • Pages with [products] shortcode-created product lists

Basic features of the free version

Woocommerce taxonomy filters in annasta Filters plugin

WooCommerce Taxonomy Filters

Taxonomy filters support any built-in or custom WooCommerce products taxonomy (categories, tags), as well as the WooCommerce products attributes (size, color, brand, gender) and custom product taxonomies, and offer plenty of styling options, such as checkboxes, radio buttons, Font Awesome Free icons, color boxes, tags and labels!

Read about filter styles offered by annasta Filters.

Woocommerce price filter in annasta Filters plugin

Products Price Filter

Style your WooCommerce price filter as a price range slider, or a list of price ranges.

Read about range filters settings on the plugin Documentation page.

Products Search Control

Add the products string search box to provide keyword search through the filtered results, with support for autocomplete / search suggestions options.

Read about the search control settings on the plugin Documentation page.

Products availability filter for Woocommerce in the annasta Filters plugin: filter products by in stock / out of stock / backordered state

Products Availability Filter

Includes in stock filter, out of stock filter and WooCommerce backordered products filtering option.

The Stock filter variations support beta option enables stock status filtering for variable products.

Products rating (reviews) filter for Woocommerce in annasta Filters plugin

Products Rating Filter

Filter WooCommerce products by their rating.

Woocommerce featured products filter in the annasta Filters plugin

Featured Products Filter

Filter by WooCommerce featured products.

On sale products filter for Woocommerce in the annasta Filters plugin

On Sale Products Filter

Filter for discounted products.

Woocommerce product meta data filters in annasta Filters plugin

WooCommerce Product Meta Data Filters

Create filters out of WooCommerce product meta, such as length, width, or any custom meta fields. Click here to read about setting up the meta data filter.

Woocommerce products per page control in annasta Filters plugin

WooCommerce Products Per Page Control

Give your customers the flexibility of displaying as many products per page as they need.

Sort by Control for Woocommerce in annasta Filters plugin

WooCommerce Sort by Control

Add the products sorting (order by) options to your annasta Filters presets.

Dynamic counts in annasta Woocommerce filters

Dynamic product counts

Available for all the attributes, built-in and custom taxonomy filters.

Active filter badges and active filters collectors for Woocommerce in the annasta Filters plugin

Active filter badges

Display the enabled filters in an active filters collector on top of the preset, or above the filter, with reset filter button provided for each badge.

Clear Filters button in the annasta Filters plugin

“Clear all filters” button

Displayed on top, or / and in the bottom of filters preset.

Collapsible filters

Toggle the opened / closed state of the filter by clicking on its title.

Filter collapse option in the annasta Woocommerce filters plugin

Hierarchical filters collapse

Collapse options for the hierarchical taxonomies.

AJAX pagination for Woocommerce with infinite scroll and Load More button support in annasta Filters plugin

Built-in Infinite scroll and “Load More” pagination support

Enable AJAX pagination for the filtered results of your WooCommerce shop, with infinite scroll, Load More button and the numbered AJAX pagination among the available options.

Read about our filters’ pagination settings in plugin Documentation.

Togglable Woocommerce filters controlled by "Filters" button

Off canvas sidebar and other “Filters” button options

Open and close the filters at a push of a button. Displays your WooCommerce filters in a popup sidebar, or under the “Filters” toggle button.

Read about the display options of annasta filters presets in the plugin Documentation.

Responsive display options with mobile / handheld device screen adjustments in annasta Woocommerce filters

Responsive filters display options

Hide your WooCommers filters or enable “Filters” button depending on the device screen width.

Read about the Visibility settings of our WooCommerce filters plugin.

Step-by-step product finders for Woocommerce in the annasta Filters plugin

Step by step filtering style

Create WooCommerce products finders, with redirects, Back / Next buttons support, and many other useful options.

Read about step by step product finder settings of the annasta WooCommerce Product Filters in the plugin Documentation.

annasta Woocommerce filters placement into site pages

Easy filters placement

Use the annasta Filters Guttenberg block, widget or the [annasta_filters] shortcode to place filters in your site pages. Read the Getting Started tutorial for detailed instructions.

Other features of the annasta Filters plugin

  • Wide choice of Filtering styles
    • AJAX filters with instant submission will reload only the products part of your WooCommerce page when the filters are applied.
    • Button-triggered AJAX products filters will load the filtered products list at a push of a button
    • AJAX with delegated submission will delay the submission till it’s triggered by another preset or control.
    • URL filters will create distinguished links to any filtered result.
    • Form filters preset will act as a simple HTML form element submitted by a push of a button.
    • Step by step style will create a WooCommerce products finder out of your filters preset, with redirect support and other useful options.
  • Display pages selection
    Configure your filters to display only on the needed pages (shop page, specific category page). Create different filter sets for different pages — categories, brands, tags etc (in combination with multiple presets support available in the premium version of the plugin).
  • WooCommerce [products] shortcode filters
    Use annasta Filters with product lists created with the help of the WooCommerce [products] shortcode. See the Filter [products] shortcodes on setting for details.
  • SEO support
    Includes page (HTML document), shop (H1 tag of the shop page) titles and meta description tags dynamic generation using the lists of currently active filters.
  • Set the default products per page amount for your shop pages
  • Customize the product columns count in your products lists
  • WPML support. Please consult our WPML Compatibility Guide for information on WPML compatibility.
  • Elementor support includes dedicated widget for easy filters insertion into the Elementor containers. Click here to read about the nuances of filtering the products lists on pages built with the Elementor plugin.

Additional functionality of the premium version

To support the development of this plugin, and / or expand the growing demands of your shop, you can purchase the premium version, which will allow you to enjoy a wider selection of features and even better customization flexibility. The additional features provided by the premium version include:

Multiple presets supporting custom filter sets for different Woocommerce categories / tags / taxonomies in the annasta Filters plugin

Multiple filter presets

  • Customize WooCommerce filters by category / tag / brand / etc: create presets with different filter combinations for different pages.
  • Place multiple synchronized presets on the same pages, mix AJAX filters and URL filters, create custom AJAX filters for WooCommerce products category, and use it in combination with a different site-wide annasta Filters preset.
Hide empty filter items option of the annasta Filters plugin

Hide empty filter items

Use the Empty items style option to customize the display of options that return zero products in the current combination of filters. Hide the irrelevant filtering options, set them to lower opacity, or disable them from being clicked on.
Use the Hide empty filters option of the annasta Filters > Plugin settings tab to enable the entire filter concealment whenever all its options return zero products.

Woocommerce filter styled as dropdown select box in the annasta Filters plugin

Dropdown filter style

Style your WooCommerce filters as dropdown select boxes with single-select radios, multi-select checkboxes, tags, custom icons etc.

Range sliders for Woocommerce taxonomies in the annasta Filters plugin

Range filters for numeric taxonomies

Create range filters for numeric WooCommerce product taxonomies such as sizes, years, diameters etc, with range sliders and lists of ranges support.

Read about setting up a range filter for WooCommerce products on the annasta Filters Documentation page.

Range slider style for non-numeric Woocommerce taxonomies in the annasta Filters WordPress plugin

Range sliders for non-numeric taxonomies

Create range sliders for non-numeric WooCommerce product taxonomies (including attributes), such as XS-S-M-L-XL sizes.

For more information scroll down to the chapter on non-numeric filters in the Range selection type section of plugin Documentation.

Custom filter icon and label in the annasta Filters for Woocommerce

Custom icon / label for each filter term

Set filter icon and label for each option of your filter separately.

Read about the custom term icons and labels settings on the annasta Filters Documentation page.

Image filter icons in the annasta Filters WordPress plugin

Image filters

Set images as filter icons, and use them with or without label for each option of your filter separately, or set the same image for all the filter items.

Read about an image filter options and set up on the plugin Documentation page.

Stars and range slider styles for Woocommerce rating filter in annasta Filters plugin

Range slider and stars style for the WooCommerce products rating filter

Configure your ratings filter to display as stars or range slider.

Read about the stars style for the WooCommerce rating filter on the plugin Documentation page.

Active filters collector above products list in annasta Filters for Woocommerce

Active filters collector above products

Display active filters badges, reset buttons, annasta presets, product counts, additional sort by boxes and other page elements above the products list or at other positions. Read more about adding elements to product list templates.

Hierarchical dropdowns in annasta Filters for WooCommerce

Hierarchical step by steps

Link different hierarchical levels of same-taxonomy filters belonging to separate presets into a step-by-step system of hierarchical dropdowns (or simple lists). Read more about hierarchical levels management offered by annasta Filters for WooCommerce.

Other premium features