Limit filter height

Scrollbars in filters with limited height in the annasta Woocommerce Product Filters WordPress plugin

If you have filters with long lists of options, or would like to make several filters have the same height (which can be useful for arranging the filters nicely at the top of the products list), set this setting to the desired height in pixels. The filter height will get limited to the set value, with vertical scrollbars appearing to allow scrolling through the long filter lists.

The Limitation style dropdown allows the users of the premium version to opt for the “Show more” / “Show less” height limitation style.

Enable the Auto-shrink for shorter options list option if you would like your filter to reduce its height whenever the filter options list is shorter than the height limit. This option can prove to be useful in sidebars when the filter’s Empty items style is set to Hidden.

Go to the Styles section of plugin settings to enable pretty scrollbars that will replace the standard browser scrollbars with their minimalistic-looking JavaScript analogue.