Display on

To provide control over the pages of your site that will display your filters, the Display on section holds the list of pages associated with each filters preset. This will allow you to place the preset into a universal section of your site (a sidebar, or a header), but still control that it displays only on the pages that you need (shop pages, pages with WooCommerce product shortcodes etc), but not during Checkout, or on a User Account page.

The premium version users can utilize this section to create multiple presets with distinct filter sets for separate product categories / tags / brands, or to associate different presets with particular archive pages (for example, to create different sets of filters for the Categories and Brands taxonomy archives).

Adjust the list to meet the needs of your shop by adding or removing the pages on which you wish to display the set of filters associated with the current preset. Set to “All pages” if you do not need the fine-tuning of your preset display.

Setting up the display pages

To set up your preset to display on a particular archive page (for example, a category archive page of type www.yoursite.com/product-category/smartphones), follow the steps below:

  1. Search the Display on select box for the item starting with the corresponding taxonomy name and ending in “taxonomy archive pages”. In the case of our example it should be something like “Product category taxonomy archive pages”.
  2. In the second dropdown that will appear, search for “Smartphones archive pages” (if you wish to display the preset on all the product category archive pages, select “All” in this step).
  3. Push the Add page association (+) button.

In the same manner you can set up your preset to display on filtered shop pages, by adding the “Shop pages with enabled … filters” types of associations.

You can disable parent-level presets display on sub-level (child) pages in annasta Filters > Plugin settings > Display parent presets on child pages.

When setting up multiple presets to work on different taxonomy archive pages (for example, different category pages), please keep in mind that presets do not get automatically replaced in AJAX mode! To ensure that relevant presets are always displayed on their respective category pages, you will need to provide a URL (and not AJAX) switch for your archive pages. This is usually done via top / sidebar menus, Woocommerce Product Categories widget, by setting preset to URL filters Filtering style, or using the Force page reloads filter option in AJAX mode. In the 2 latter cases you can also consider enabling the filter’s Reset other filters option.