Archive pages support

Enable to update archive titles and descriptions to match the currently activated filters of the archive taxonomy.

If the corresponding SEO settings are enabled, the page and document titles of your archive pages will get updated based on the currently selected archive terms. For example, if you go to the Berries category archive of our demo page, and then also select the Fruit category through the sidebar filters, you will see that the page and document titles will change to “Berries, Fruit”, to reflect the currently selected categories.

The archive descriptions can be updated whenever a single term is selected, so the usage of the single select filtering type is advised for archive descriptions updates to function properly.

The “description” meta tag will get updated with the activated archive page support, whenever the annasta Filters > SEO settings > Add meta description option is enabled.

Please note that this option will only work in themes that support the native WooCommerce page architecture and markup.