Products html wrapper

Please leave this field empty for the products list html wrapper auto-detection.

This is an advanced setting for themes with non-standard Woocommerce html markup. If your Ajax filters do not work, set the value of this field to the name of the class (preceded by the dot), or the id (preceded by the # sign) of the products list html wrapper (parent container) specific to your theme.

To find the wrapper use the developer tools of your browser (in Chrome push Ctrl Shift J (on Windows) or Ctrl Option J (on Mac) and go to the Elements tab), or ask your developer to check the shop page source html to see which container encapsulates the Woocommerce product lists.

Set the Products html wrapper to the id (preceded by #) or the class (preceded by dot) of the products list wrapper container. For the structure on the above image you would need to enter either #main or .site-main