Filters Settings

This section with all its options is available in the premium version of the plugin.

Premium SEO filters options for Woocommerce in the annasta Filters plugin

The options of this section will allow the advanced customization of the active annasta filters lists for the page/ shop titles and meta description tag by letting you set some options on a filter-by-filter basis.

Exclude unimportant filters from the titles, change the order in which the filters appear in the list, set custom prefix and postfix for each filter, a string to use in case of filter being inactive, and more!

Include filter

The Include filter checkbox to the left of the filter name can be used to include or exclude the filter from page and shop titles.

Please, remember that the “description” meta tag generation will not take this setting into account, and the filters skipped for titles will be added to the end of the active filters lists of meta descriptions.


This string will be added just before the value (or list of values) for the corresponding filter.

The title generation algorithm intentionally doesn’t add space after this prefix, so please add it at the end of this field when needed.

Filters labels

Whenever needed, fill the Inactive field with the text that you wish to see in place of the filter when none of its values are selected.

An example of this option’s usage would be setting this field to “products” for the Product Categories filter, so that the title could read something like “Shop for products in Red, Black, Yellow and Small / Medium / Large” whenever no products category is selected.

For a Product Color filter you could set the Inactive label field to “all colors” to get something like “Browse our shop for Shoes, Jeans, Tops in all colors and in Medium size”

In the Filter labels column you can also adjust the labels for the values of some built-in annasta filters, such as Stock Availability, On Sale Products, and the Featured Products filter.


A string to add after the list of filter values. No space is added between the list of values and this postfix, so please account for it when assigning the postfix values.

Range settings

The range settings are used for the price and rating ranges display in the SEO filters lists and include the minimum and maximum filter values that you wish to be displayed whenever these values aren’t set by the filters.

In the Separator option of the range settings you can set the characters that will separate the minimum and maximum values of the filter.