Troubleshoot Guide

My filters do not show

Here is a checklist to follow if your filters don’t get displayed where you need them:

  1. Go to the preset settings (annasta Filters settings > Filter presets > press the Edit preset button for the needed preset), scroll down to the Display on section of the preset settings, and make sure that the page on which you wish to display the preset is listed in the Display on list. Pay attention to the differences between displaying preset on shop pages, and the taxonomy archive pages for the products taxonomies, which have to be added to the Display on list separately if you wish to filter them (these are the pages ending in “… taxonomy archive pages”). To troubleshoot, you can temporarily assign the Display on to All pages, to see if the problem persists.
  2. While on preset settings page, also check that the Visibility option is set to Visible.
    Tip: you can also try to set Visibility to Controlled by “Filters” button to see if a “Filters” toggle button gets inserted above the products list of the Woocommerce shop or archive pages.
  3. If you use the Elementor plugin, please read our notes on filters set up with Elementor.
  4. If only some filters do not display, check that the preset is not of Step-by-step filtering style, or that the filter’s Empty items style isn’t set to Hidden. Another reason for some particular filter to not get displayed is if they are set as a level of hierarchical step-by-step.
  5. a) If you used the annasta Filters widget to place your preset into the needed section of the site, go to the Appearance > Widgets page of WP admin, and make sure that the widget is placed in the correct section (for example, the needed sidebar / header), and the correct annasta Filters preset is selected in the widget settings. Some themes create separate sidebars and headers for shop and blog pages, check if the annasta Filters widget is placed in the correct one.

b) If you use the annasta Filters shortcode to display your filters preset, make sure that the shortcode is placed correctly, and is in the section of the site that is currently getting displayed. The shortcode is usually called by echoing the do_shortcode, like so: echo do_shortcode( ‘[annasta_filters preset_id=1]’ ); (don’t forget to enter the correct preset id).

My filters do not work on a page with the Woocommerce [products] shortcode

There are 3 things needed for the filters preset to work with the Woocommerce products shortcodes:

  1. Make sure that the page with shortcode is selected in the Display on section of the preset settings
  2. Register the shortcode page for filtering by adding it to the Shortcodes pages list in the annasta Filters settings > Plugin Settings tab
  3. Check that the annasta widget or shortcode that displays the needed filters preset is placed in the section of your site that is present in the page with products shortcodes.

Filters do not work

Non-latin slugs

Our filters do not support Woocommerce product attributes with non-latin slugs!

To check whether the non-latin slugs cause your filters’ malfunctioning, you can go to the Products > Attributes page of your WordPress admin. Change all the non-latin slugs of filters-forming attributes to the Latin letters by following the Edit link under the attribute name (hover your cursor over the attribute name to see the Edit option). Then go to Configure terms and do the same for each non-latin term slug.

Filters don’t work with Elementor plugin

Please read our guidelines on filters setup with Elementor.

AJAX filters do not work

If clicking on an AJAX filter doesn’t update the products of your shop, the problem may lay in your theme creating custom html structure for the Woocommerce product lists. In case like that you can manually assign the html wrapper where AJAX calls will load the product lists.

Ask your developer to check the shop page source html to see which container encapsulates the Woocommerce product lists.

If you don’t have a developer, you can try to search for the wrapper yourself with the help of Chrome browser developer tools. Open your shop page in Chrome browser and push Ctrl Shift J (on Windows) or Ctrl Option J (on Mac). Go to the Elements tab of the developer panel, and search for the wrapper of the products list container.

The html wrapper that we need is the immediate parent of the Woocommerce products list container. On the image above it is the container with the id=”main” and class=”site-main”.

Now go to annasta Filters > Product Lists settings and find the Products html wrapper setting. Set it to the id of the parent wrapper of the products list container, preceding the id with the # sign, for example like that: #main If the wrapper has no id, try to assign a class preceded by a dot, like so: .site-main

Pagination issues

Please don’t forget to disable products’ infinite scroll or other custom AJAX pagination options of your theme before testing our filters! Go to annasta Filters > Product lists > Pagination to enable AJAX pagination options for the filtered product lists.

Page numbers don’t get refreshed on AJAX filtering calls

If you have the annasta Filters > Product lists > Force wrapper reload option disabled and noticed that page numbers do not refresh on AJAX filters’ application, you can try fixing this issue by adjusting the Products html wrapper setting so that the html wrapper would include the “woocommerce-pagination” containers.

AJAX pagination (infinite scroll, “Load More” button) displays the same products twice, doesn’t display some products

Here is the list of steps that you can take to fix this issue:

  1. Go to annasta Filters settings > Product Lists settings and find the Products per page setting. Set the value of this field to the same amount as defined by your theme in the theme Customizer (Appearance > Customize) or theme options.
    If you can’t find this setting in the Customizer, try setting the Products per page to the amount of products that appear on the shop page when you first load the page (you may need to disable the infinite scroll to be able to get an accurate count).
    Save the annasta plugin settings before testing.
  2. If the above step doesn’t fix the issue, go to the theme Customizer, search for the default Woocommerce products sorting setting, and make sure that it is set to “Default”. You can also try to set it to “Popularity” or “Sort by price”. Don’t forget to push the “Publish” button after changing the Customizer settings.

If none of the above helps, you can contact us for us to check if this annasta Filters’ incompatibility with your theme can be fixed.

AJAX filters display the wrong number of product columns

  1. Go to annasta Filters settings > Product Lists settings page and find the Product columns setting. Set the number of columns to the same amount as in your theme Customizer (Appearance > Customize, the products columns setting is usually located in the “Woocommerce” section of the Customizer).
    If you can’t find the products columns setting in the Customizer, try setting the amount of columns to the amount that you initially see when you reload the shop page on a desktop computer.
  2. Save the settings and try the AJAX filters again.

If this didn’t help, your theme’s html markup is incompatible with the AJAX mode of the annasta Filters. If you wish, you can contact us for us to research the conflict and apply a fix.

Product categories do not display on my shop page since I installed your plugin

annasta Filters disables the category display for shop page and subcategories display on category pages, because the filters do NOT work with such display enabled. If you only intend to use our plugin for filtering the Woocommerce [products] shortcodes, you can disable the category display suppression by going to annasta Filters settings > Plugin Settings and unchecking the Force products display option.

AJAX filters do not return properly styled lists

Unfortunately, some themes do not support the products list styling by means of standard Woocommerce hooks in AJAX. annasta Filters provides fixes for such incompatibility issues with some themes. Please contact us if you would like us to add your theme to the list of the supported themes.

I can’t click on filters or otherwise interact with preset controls

Instead of using the annasta Filters widget when inserting the filters preset into the pages of your site in Appearance > Widgets, try using the Text widget. Add it to the needed area of your site, and type in the [annasta_filters preset_id=1] shortcode into the Content area of the widget (where needed, replace 1 with the needed preset id).

I am having trouble making annasta Filters work with WPML plugin

Please consult our WPML compatibility guide for the tips on how to resolve some common WPML-related issues.