Troubleshoot Guide

My filters do not show

Here is a checklist to follow if your filters don’t get displayed where you need them:

  1. Go to the preset settings (annasta Filters settings > Filter presets > press the Edit preset button for the needed preset), scroll down to the Display on section of the preset settings, and make sure that the page on which you wish to display the preset is listed in the Display on list. Pay attention to the differences between displaying preset on shop pages, and the taxonomy archive pages for the products taxonomies, which have to be added to the Display on list separately if you wish to filter them (these are the pages ending in “… taxonomy archive pages”). To troubleshoot, you can temporarily assign the Display on to All pages, to see if the problem persists.
  2. a) If you used the annasta Filters widget to place the preset into the needed section of your site, go to the Appearance > Widgets page of WP admin, and make sure that the widget is placed in the correct section (for example, the needed sidebar / header), and the correct annasta Filters preset is selected in the widget settings. Some themes create separate sidebars and headers for shop and blog pages, check if the annasta Filters widget is placed in the right one.

b) If you use the annasta Filters shortcode to display the filters preset, make sure that the shortcode is placed correctly, and is in the section of the site that is currently getting displayed. The shortcode is usually called by echoing the do_shortcode, like so: echo do_shortcode( ‘[annasta_filters preset_id=1]’ ); (don’t forget to enter the correct preset id).

My filters do not work on a page with the Woocommerce [products] shortcode

There are 3 things needed for the filters preset to work with the Woocommerce products shortcodes:

  1. Make sure that the page with shortcode is selected in the Display on section of the preset settings
  2. Register the shortcode page for filtering by adding it to the Shortcodes pages list in the annasta Filters settings > Plugin Settings tab
  3. Check that the annasta widget or shortcode that displays the needed filters preset is placed in the section of your site that is present in the page with products shortcodes.

Product categories do not display on my shop page since I installed your plugin

annasta Filters disables the category display for shop page and subcategories display on category pages, because the filters do NOT work with such display enabled. If you only intend to use our plugin for filtering the Woocommerce [products] shortcodes, you can disable the category display suppression by going to annasta Filters settings > Plugin Settings and unchecking the Force products display option.