WPML compatibility guide

annasta Filters plugin supports all the basic WPML options. To ensure the smooth work of our plugin in combination with WPML platform, you can consult the following checklist:

  • You will need to have the WooCommerce Multilingual WPML component installed on your site to provide support for WooCommerce translations.
  • Always edit annasta settings (especially the preset settings) in the default language of the site.

    Toggling WPML language in a different tab of the same browser can lead to unpredictable language switches!

    When in doubt, reload the admin settings page to refresh the current language indicator:
  • Make sure that the hierarchical WooCommerce taxonomies (product categories etc) are translated and synced in WooCommerce > WooCommerce Multilingual > Categories > Hierarchy Synchronization before testing the filters, otherwise filtering will not function properly (AJAX and product counts may not work).
  • To enable the filterable [products] shortcodes on pages generated by the WPML for the secondary languages of your site, don’t forget to submit these pages in the annasta Filters > Plugin settings > Filter [products] shortcodes on multiselect.
  • If the product counts display wrong values after you change your WPML options, please go to annasta Filters > Plugin settings, and push the Clear filters cache button at the bottom of the page.

You are welcome to use our Contact form for further feedback / questions / bug reports related to the annasta Filters compatibility with WPML plugin.

AJAX support

For AJAX filters to function properly, please make sure that WPML > Languages > Language filtering for AJAX operations (Store a language cookie to support language filtering for AJAX) is enabled.

When testing the work of AJAX filters on a WPML-supported site, please don’t open different languages in the tabs of the same browser. Use different browsers for different languages to avoid irregular results produced by the changing WPML language cookie “switching” the languages for AJAX queries.

Base slugs

If you use our plugin on WPML-translated archive pages, please remember that only latin characters are supported for built-in taxonomies  (categories / tags / product attributes) archive pages slug base translations!

You can review base slug translations for your product categories, tags, and attributes in the WooCommerce > WooCommerce Multilingual > Store URLs admin tab.

annasta String Translations

To translate the annasta preset and filter labels and other strings used by the filters presets, you can use the WPML > String translation tool. The easiest way to find the string that you need to translate is to use the search tool:

After you get presented with the list of search results, find the filter that belongs to the needed preset using the following pattern: [awf_filter_{preset id}-{filter id}_settings]{setting name}

For example the title of a filter that belongs to preset #1 can have this name: [awf_filter_1-2_settings]title.

If you have many presets and are not sure about the id, you can look it up at the top of the preset settings page:

Another way to find the built-in strings of your annasta filter presets is to use the domains dropdown and search for all strings starting with admin_texts_awf_ prefix: