Upgrading to premium version

Please consult the plugin description page for the list of enhancements offered by the premium version.

Freemius handles the annasta Filters licensing and premium purchases procedures. To upgrade to the premium version, you need to have the free version of annasta Woocommerce Product Filters installed and activated in the Plugins section of your WP admin.

We strongly encourage you to test the free version to ensure filters’ compatibility with your theme and 3d party plugins before performing the upgrade!

After the free version activation you can upgrade to premium license at any moment by browsing to the annasta Filters > Upgrade page of your WP admin.

Follow the Upgrade link for the information on premium pricing:

Currently, a premium license requires one-time payment that covers any future plugin updates.

After the completion of the premium purchase you will be sent the confirmation email that will contain the link to the premium code and your personal license key. You will need to install the premium version on your site and activate it with the received license key.

Transferring your premium license to a different site

To use your premium license on a different production site, first deactivate it from within the Account page of your current WP Admin dashboard. In case the deactivation fails or is not possible, use the Sync button to synchronize the license status across multiple installations.

Premium license usage in development environment

An existing premium license can be activated for testing purposes in localhost/staging/dev environments. Below is the list of domains that Freemius will auto-detect as development environment:

  • *.dev
  • *.dev.cc (DesktopServer)
  • *.test
  • *.local
  • *.staging
  • *.example
  • *.invalid
  • *.myftpupload.com (GoDaddy)
  • *.cloudwaysapps.com (Cloudways)
  • *.wpsandbox.pro (WPSandbox)
  • *.ngrok.io (tunneling)
  • *.mystagingwebsite.com (Pressable)
  • *.tempurl.host (WPMU DEV)
  • *.wpmudev.host (WPMU DEV)
  • *.websitepro-staging.com (Vendasta)
  • *.websitepro.hosting (Vendasta)
  • *.instawp.xyz (InstaWP)

Subdomains recognized as development/staging:

  • local.*
  • dev.*
  • test.*
  • stage.*
  • staging.*
  • stagingN.* (SiteGround; N is an unsigned int)
  • .wpengine.com (WP Engine) dev-.pantheonsite.io (Pantheon)
  • test-.pantheonsite.io (Pantheon) staging-.kinsta.com (Kinsta)
  • staging-*.kinsta.cloud (Kinsta)