Filter items control

Control filter terms display by excluding the unneeded terms, manually selecting only the terms that you need, or setting up the dynamic display of currently selected items.

  • The Exclude from list option is useful for cases when you wish to exclude a few of the filter items from the list of filter options. For instance, with the help of this option you can exclude the universal “Uncategorized” Woocommerce product category from the options list of your Product Categories filter.

    To exclude an item, select the term that you want to exclude from the Exclude terms select box, and push the Exclude button. To remove an exclusion, click on the Remove button next to the name of the excluded option.

  • Use the Manual selection option to form custom lists of filters.

    To select an item for manually created options list, choose the corresponding option in the Select terms box, and push the Add to selected button. To remove selection, click on the Remove button next to the option name in the selected items list.

  • Active filters mode will limit filter terms display to the hierarchical branches of currently selected filters. For example, if you are on a Fruit category page, your product categories filter will only display the Fruit option with any possible subcategories.

    Use the Display active filters’ siblings checkbox to control the active filters’ siblings display.

Items that form the excluded or manually selected terms list are only removed from the list of filter options. Any products associated with those items will still display in the shop.

Please keep in mind that items limitations defined by this setting will not influence the work of range slider controls.