AJAX pagination (infinite scroll, “Load More” button) displays the same products twice, doesn’t display some products

The majority of sorting-related AJAX pagination issues can be resolved by enabling the Enhanced compatibility AJAX mode of the annasta Filters > Product lists > AJAX options admin section.

Some themes and 3d party plugins enable additional sorting options for WooCommerce products lists. If the filters’ AJAX pagination repeats the same products, please make sure that you do not have your default WooCommerce sorting option set to a randomized display. Find the default WooCommerce sorting setting (usually located in Appearance > Customize), and change it to “Sort by latest”, price sorting, or some value other than default.

To address the products repetition issue in the Dedicated AJAX mode, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to annasta Filters settings > Product Lists settings and find the Products per page setting. Set the value of this field to the same amount as defined by your theme in the theme Customizer (Appearance > Customize) or theme options.
    If you can’t find this setting in the Customizer, try setting the Products per page to the amount of products that appear on the shop page when you first load the page (you may need to disable the infinite scroll to be able to get an accurate count).
    Save the annasta plugin settings before testing.
  2. If the above step doesn’t fix the issue, go to the theme Customizer, search for the default WooCommerce products sorting setting, and make sure that it is set to “Default”. You can also try to set it to “Popularity” or “Sort by price”. Don’t forget to push the “Publish” button after changing the Customizer settings.

If none of the above helps, you can contact us for us to check if this annasta Filters’ incompatibility with your theme can be fixed.