Filter [products] shortcodes on

[products] shortcodes placed on front page are not supported!

Enable filters for the product lists created with the help of the Woocommerce [products] shortcode by adding their respective pages to the list of filterable shortcode pages. Select the pages with Woocommerce [products] shortcodes that you wish to filter in the Shortcode pages multi-select field.

If you omit this step, any filters that will appear on the page will redirect to the relevantly filtered results of your main shop page.

The [products] shortcode attributes currently supported by the filters are: limit, paginate, columns, on_sale, category and cat_operator.

For the filters to display on the needed [product] shortcode page, don’t forget to include this page in the Display on section of the preset settings! When inserting the filters into pages using the Widgets screen, make sure that the site element in which you placed the annasta Filters preset is present on the page.