Templates Manager

This section with all its options is available in the premium version of the plugin.

Templates manager admin section in annasta Woocommerce Filters plugin

When working with filters and presets templates, please note that some settings may not be supported when applying templates. Always check the newly applied options and test the end result when applying templates!

Below is the list of the known templates limitations:

  • Applying template created in a different version of plugin is not recommended as it may cause errors and conflicts.
  • Terms-specific settings, such as excluded / included filter terms, custom icons and labels, color assignments etc will not work when moving templates between different configurations!

Please exercise the utmost caution when importing templates provided by third parties! Importing template that has not been created by you may pose a serious security risk to your site.

Go to the Templates Manager admin tab to create, export/import, rename, delete and otherwise manage your templates. To apply the created template to a preset or filter, use the Apply template buttons of the needed preset settings page.

Apply preset or filter template in annasta Woocommerce Filters