Fix page position

Use this option to enable the floating mode for the “Filters” toggle button of your site.

After enabling the fixed position mode, 4 settings for each corresponding side of the screen will appear underneath the “Fix page position” checkbox. Please select the corner of the screen where you wish for your button to float, and set the amount of pixels from the 2 edges of the screen, leaving the settings of the other 2 edges empty.

For example, to set up a floating button in the top left corner of the screen, set the LEFT and TOP to the needed amount of pixels from the edge, and leave the RIGHT and BOTTOM boxes empty.

The Position before custom selector setting will influence the insertion point for the floating “Filters” toggle button, which can lead to the visibility issues. Please clear the Position before custom selector box if the floating “Filters” button becomes invisible or gets overlapped by other page elements.

You can further customize the “Filters” button appearance in the annasta Filter section of the WordPress Customizer (Appearance > Customize > annasta Filters > “Filters” Toggle Button).