Pagination issues

Please don’t forget to disable products’ infinite scroll or other custom AJAX pagination options of your theme before testing our filters! To enable AJAX pagination for the filtered product lists please go to annasta Filters > Product lists > Pagination.

Our plugin is programmed to provide support for the standard WooCommerce pagination containers of woocommerce-pagination class. Please click here to read about resolving the pagination issues in themes that change the class of pagination containers, or place pagination outside of the standard WooCommerce locations.

For themes that remove or alter the standard WooCommerce pagination to the point that the filters can not anymore properly support its updates, the Default WooCommerce pagination option has been added in the annasta Filters > Product lists > Add to product list template admin section. Use it to insert the native WooCommerce pagination into filterable pages. Please click here to read more about resolving the issue of unsupported pagination formats.