Page numbers don’t get refreshed on AJAX calls

I. Our plugin supports the standard WooCommerce pagination containers of woocommerce-pagination class. If your theme or builder renames the pagination containers while keeping the default WooCommerce structure intact, you can use the options of the annasta Filters > Product lists > AJAX options > Custom selectors section of your WP admin to enter the theme-specific selectors.

II. If your theme introduces its own pagination format that is incompatible with the filters, please follow the advice of this article to tackle this issue.

III. If you use the Products HTML wrapper option, please follow the steps below to make sure that the containers of class “woocommerce-pagination” are the children of the declared HTML wrapper:

  1. Make sure that you have the annasta Filters > Product lists > Force wrapper reload option disabled.
  2. Go to annasta Filters > Product lists > AJAX options > Custom selectors and click on the Detect wrapper button next to the Products HTML wrapper input field. If the wrapper gets successfully detected, save the new Products HTML wrapper setting and reload your shop to see if the pagination problem got resolved.
  3. If the previous step doesn’t resolve the issue, click on the Detect wrapper button again to see if the script proposes other wrappers, and use them one by one.
  4. If the wrapper auto-detection hasn’t worked, please consult this support article to manually search for a higher level Products HTML wrapper that would encapsulate both the “woocommerce-pagination” containers and the products list (the “products” class) container.
  5. If none of the above works, clear the products list HTML wrapper field.